IDC Integrated Marketing Showcase
Pursuing the

Pursuing the "Perfect Order " Within Supply Chains

Released: June, 2016

Though the notion of the "perfect order" is unachievable in practice, it is a conceptually worthwhile goal for companies aspiring to best-in-class service performance. The capabilities to closely align all functions within the supply chain, in terms of both product and information movement, will enable consistent and repeatable improvements in service levels, driving both sales and profit growth.

Client: Inspirage
Asset Type: Spotlights (Market, Vendor, or Technology)
Industry: Manufacturing
Cloud Partners

Cloud Partners

Higher, Faster, Stronger
Released: July, 2013

Top-performing partners are adding cloud to their mix... and succeeding. This infographic highlights key performance indicators for partners who embrace the cloud and how these metrics shift in the cloud.

Client: Microsoft
Asset Type: Infographics