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Buying TV Advertising Programmatically

Buying TV Advertising Programmatically
Client: The Trade Desk
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Television advertising has many strengths that other forms of advertising cannot rival. Despite being typecast as traditional advertising, TV continues to rise to the challenge with its unmatched audience reach. No other medium, including digital, is able to reach as many people at the same time as television. IDC


Released: May, 2016
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By buying TV programmatically, marketers can reap the benefits of traditional TV advertising while avoiding its shortfalls, and they also can take advantage of the benefits offered by the latest in programmatic technology. Nothing rivals the audience reach and the effectiveness of TV, yet TV's targeting capabilities are very limited, and audiences made up of people under the age of 25, often referred to as "cord-cutters," are hard to find. Programmatic TV buying provides access to both traditional TV viewers and hard-to-find millennial users, improves targeting and campaign performance, and integrates, automates, and optimizes the workflow of a programmatic ad-buying campaign.