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Lenovo Converged HX Series: Why Lenovo for Hyperconverged?

Lenovo Converged HX Series: Why Lenovo for Hyperconverged?
Client: Lenovo
Asset Type: White Paper

This paper discusses hyperconverged datacenter environments and where Lenovo fits in this picture.


Released: March, 2016
Expires: March, 2017
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Today's enterprise datacenter can be one of the most complex business environments with dozens (for smaller businesses), hundreds (for larger and midsize businesses), and even thousands (for hyperscale businesses) of servers that must be managed and monitored. At this level, just being able to manage the cords can be a challenge — let alone keeping up with the growing need for more agility and scalability within the datacenter. Simply put, companies are aggressively looking for less complexity and more agility from their servers. Hyperconverged solutions deliver simplicity in spades with their plug-and-play setup and their ability to deploy workloads faster than traditional servers.