IDC Integrated Marketing Showcase

IDC develops marketing assets that support your content needs with third-party research. The thought leadership and insights engage your target audience and provide your buyer with relevant information to make an informed purchase decision.

We support your needs from a single “call-to-action” asset to a global branding program that comprises strategy, research, assets, and press support. IDC has options to support your Brand Generation, Lead Generation, Demand Generation, and Awareness Building campaigns.

Leads are a key component of sales. Every marketing organization has a group responsible for generating “quality” leads – inquiries by people interested in your product or service. IDC’s third-party, objective research and analysts’ insights provide highly relevant information for your target buyers, giving them something of value in exchange for their contact information.


Building the Hospitality Network of the Future

Hospitality enterprises require wired and wireless networks that can readily accommodate a litany of growing demands. Travelers expect seamless connectivity to multiple devices that support both work and leisure.  The hospitality industry tackles these challenges in the face of unique facility considerations and disparate points of organizational decision making. 

Enabling the Business Through Cost-Effective Scalability with Amazon EC2 Spot Instances

IDC interviewed seven organizations to understand how they are using Spot Instances to support their business operations. These AWS customers reported that they have taken advantage of access to very cost-effective and scalable compute resources to grow their business and create more innovative IT operations.

“Demand” is the sweetest word in marketing. Demand is the result of creating interest in your company’s products and services. You create demand by engaging with your prospects and customers along every stage of their buying journey. Content-based marketing support demand efforts by providing the right information, at the right time, to the right person, in the right format. IDC’s third-party content and content-based marketing expertise can support your demand generation initiatives.


Selling Aids - Sample Sales Workbook

A tool for salespeople to use with prospects/customers, Sales Workbooks bring IDC analyst insights into the selling process. These documents allow buyers to review and evaluate their needs and the implications of a specific technology/solution.

The buying cycle begins with customers becoming aware of what you offer. Actually, it beginning with the customer identifying a need and then asking themselves some of the following questions:

  • What types of solutions address my need to solve a business challenge or meet a business goal?
  • What types of solutions are my peers using?
  • Which vendors provide these types of solutions?

IDC can help you build awareness by developing relevant content around technology and industry markets that you can promote via the digital dialog with your prospects and customers.


Market and Buyer Education - Sample Video Tutorial for Print Marketplace

Actionable guidance for sales professionals from industry experts

Market and Buyer Education provides vendor sales professionals with a deep understanding of the markets into which they sell and the buyers to whom they must speak. 

Mercy Health Systems: Innovative Mobile Applications to Enhance Patient Care

The Customer Spotlight features an overview of Mercy Healthcare's implementation of Airwatch mobile device management (MDM) from VMware.