IDC Integrated Marketing Showcase

IDC Custom Solutions developed this Research Showcase as a quick-reference guide for IDC marketing staff to easily see the broad range of go-to-market assets IDC has created for other technology companies.

The Showcase features everything from in-depth White Papers to high-impact digital assets such as infographics and analyst video presentations – all available at the click of a button.

Integrated Marketing Delivery Types

Traditional Custom Media Formats

white paper icon

IDC White Paper

An IDC White Paper provides insightful, in-depth analysis of a vendor’s strategy and offerings, key market trends, and/or emerging technologies. The IDC analyst author(s) works with the paper’s sponsor to create compelling content that leverages IDC research and insights to support the client’s marketing goals. Commentary is drawn from new thinking by the analyst, and often includes primary research from customer or partner interviews to increase the relevance and readability, as well as to support key proof points. A special class of IDC Business Value White Papers illustrates the measurable business value of the vendor’s solutions via an ROI analysis.

spotlights icon

IDC Spotlights (Market, Vendor, or Technology)

IDC Spotlights provide market or technology insights and are adapted exclusively from published research, addressing specific concerns and needs of the target audience.

Market Spotlights are a 4- to 6-page paper covering a particular technology market, adoption trends, technical considerations, etc. Discussions in a Market Spotlight are vendor- and product-neutral.

A Vendor Spotlight is the same format as a Market Spotlight, but with a 1- to 2-page profile section added toward the end that highlights the sponsor’s company in the context of the market.

A Technology Spotlight is a Market Spotlight with a 1- to 2-page profile section added toward the end highlighting the sponsor’s technology solution in the context of the market.

customer spotlight icon

IDC Customer Spotlight

IDC Customer Spotlights are 3- to 4-page case studies highlighting the business/technology challenge and solution of an end-user organization. An IDC analyst interviews a key representative of the customer’s organization to discuss details such as project goals, implementation, project challenges, and the benefits achieved. Publication is contingent upon customer review and approval; copy not subject to significant edits by sponsoring company.

connection papers icon

IDC Connection Papers

An IDC Analyst Connection is a 3- to 4-page Q&A-style article with IDC analyst responses to questions (up to 5) submitted by the sponsor or jointly developed with the analyst. Topics of discussion are vendor- and product-neutral (i.e., no vendor or product names cited), focused on market or technology trends/predictions that address specific concerns and needs of the target audience.

An IDC Customer Connection has the same format, but up to 5 questions jointly developed by the analyst and sponsor are directed by the analyst to an end user about the implementation, use, and benefits of a particular technology.

An IDC Partner Connection has the same format, but up to 5 questions are directed to a channel partner of the sponsor.

workbook icon

IDC Workbook

IDC Workbooks are 4- to 5-page vendor-neutral paper designed as a sales leave-behind incorporating IDC market insights and published research, plus an IDC analyst-created checklist of recommended buyer considerations when evaluating related solutions.

excerpts icon

IDC Excerpts

Short, relevant documents contain content excerpted from published IDC research. Excerpts provide relevant, concise information to your target audience across a wide array of topics covered in IDC’s ongoing research efforts.

Analyst Live Participation Access

speakers icon

IDC Speakers for Webcasts and Virtual Event Presentations

An IDC analyst presents a keynote, facilitates a roundtable discussion, or participates in/moderates a panel discussion via a live or pre-recorded audio Webcast or via a recorded Video Webcast or Virtual Event or Presentation. IDC-templated Analyst slides are vendor- and product-neutral. However, audio (including Q&A) can mention specific vendor products or services. Vendors and products may be discussed in Webcasts or Video Presentation if the content is adapted from a sponsored primary research project or White Paper project.

onsite presentations icon

On-Site Presentations and Strategy Planning

An IDC analyst presents a keynote, facilitates a roundtable discussion, or participates in/moderates a panel discussion in person at an onsite event. Analyst slides will be vendor- and product-neutral. However, audio (including Q&A) may mention specific vendor products or services. Vendors and products may be discussed in Webcasts or Video Presentation if the content is adapted from a sponsored primary research project or White Paper.

IDC analyst(s) conducts an in-person meeting to work with a vendor’s team in a dedicated session to discuss go-to-market themes and messaging, making recommendations based on the analyst’s assessment of the vendor’s solutions versus buyer needs, technology trends, and competitive offerings. Strategy Sessions are tailored to the individual vendor’s needs. These sessions may also cover topics such as business strategy, product launches, marketing strategy, branding, and SWOT analysis, etc. Sessions leverage IDC analyst experts across technology- and industry-specific research areas.

Enhanced Graphics and Content Delivery Formats

infographics icon

IDC Infographics

IDC Infographics tell a story using insights and data points from published research and/or sponsored primary research presented in a graphical, illustrative format. Infographics are a good tool to garner awareness and present the target audience with the top 3 or 4 facts they need to know in a quick-scan, visually entertaining package. Infographics are often use as a draw to entice viewers to engage with more detailed content such as a White Paper or multimedia asset.

InfoBrief and InfoDoc icon

IDC InfoBrief and InfoDoc

IDC InfoBriefs are electronic books that leverage published or primary research to offer insightful thought-leadership content in a quick-read, visually appealing format. InfoBriefs are typically 12 to 15 pages long, but use the approach of one concept per page supported by graphical data points or illustrations to make the content engaging and easy to consume. InfoBriefs may be used as a draw to entice readers to interact with more in-depth content such as a White Paper, microsite, or more content-rich multimedia.

An InfoDoc follows the same approach as an InfoBrief, but is used when the topic requires a deeper dive into content and analysis. InfoDocs vary in length, but are typically longer than 15 pages to accommodate the need for multiple levels of analysis and insight. InfoDocs are often used to package the results of in-depth primary research projects.

guest blog icon

IDC Guest Blogs

IDC analysts write blog posts about current topics related to your technology market, vertical industry, and/or technology drivers and adoption trends. Blog posts focus on market topics and do not specifically discuss a vendor’s product or service.

Multimedia Offerings and Tools

video icon

IDC Virtual Video Presentations and Podcasts

An IDC Virtual Video Presentation is a pre-recorded video presentation plus slides that can be viewed at anytime on any device. The IDC-hosted platform combines an analyst video with slides, and includes a searchable transcript, optional links to related assets, social media sharing functionality as well as hosting, tracking, and reporting. Reporting may be anonymous or gated with lead capture. Topic of discussion is adapted from IDC research and/or from the content of a sponsored White Paper or primary research project.

IDC Video Podcasts are a video-only deliverable of an IDC analyst. Podcast formats include an analyst speaker presentation, a “fireside chat” interview format, and a panel discussion format. A standard podcast is 3 minutes or less, and may include 1 or 2 visuals presented in the video as the analyst discusses the topic. Video interview formats are slightly longer and include an analyst discussion with an executive, customer, or partner of the sponsor. Panel-discussion videos are custom scoped.

iView icon

IDC iView

An IDC iView is a multimedia browser-based tool that delivers a market overview in mixed-media format — e.g., data, bullets, analyst quotes, audio, video, and graphics. A standard iView includes a 2- to 3-minute video introduction, plus up to 5 sections of text-based content adapted from existing research or from a White Paper or primary research project. This engaging, easy to consume, multimedia format provides audience-essential data and analyst commentary on want-to-know and need-to-know market considerations.  iViews include the sponsor’s brand as a sponsorship and may incorporate lead capture (optional).

online tools icon

IDC Online Tools

IDC Online Tools are custom built, interactive, web-based tools developed to engage your prospects and customers. Tools comprise a foundation of research from surveys, interviews, and/or MaturityScape models; market and technology overviews in written, video, audio, and/or infographic formats; an assessment interface; and a downloadable output report for the user of the tool that provides their results compared to the benchmarks with essential guidance and next steps. Tools may assess and measure competency or maturity compared to peers or a best-in-class organization, as well as the ROI or business value of specific technology solutions.

Tools bring content to life by engaging and interacting with buyers and prospects.

Tools may also include lead capture, tracking, and data mining for the sponsor to gather intelligence about buyers and prospects.

games icon

IDC Business and Logic Games

IDC games are adapted from existing or new primary research into gaming scenarios that engage the target audience and educate them about relevant technology trends, as well as build awareness of the sponsor’s technology solutions and services.

Games can capture top-of-funnel leads via the gaming interface.

IDC games are custom designed to attract the target audience and may be IDC-branded or co-branded. Online and mobile games have a broad appeal, and have proven successful in meeting marketing objectives, from raising basic awareness, to teaching new behaviors, to driving brand loyalty.

Game concepts include, matching games, platformer games, maze games, knowledge-testing games, scenario-based challenge games, as well as puzzle, trivia, simulation, and visual story approaches.

Special Services

sales enablement icon

Sales Enablement

IDC’s Sales Enablement Practice empowers your organization to sell more effectively and work more productively by making your sales conversations highly relevant to your buyers’ needs.

Why Sales Enablement Services from IDC?

  • Increase industry and account knowledge – ensure productive client conversations
  • Become more buyer savvy on IT transformation issues and real decision drivers facing buyers in key industries
  • Accelerate trusted advisor relationship status by providing instant access and education to buyers—at the point of need with independent sales tools and industry trends content
  • Plan and measure more effectively with better insights into real account challenges and opportunities
  • Global network of more than 1,100 IDC analysts provide global, regional, and local expertise on technology and industry opportunities and trends in over 110 countries worldwide

Sales Enablement Offerings:

  • Sales Training and Workshops
    • Onsite sessions to educate your sales staff and partners
  • Video Tutorials
    • Pre-recorded series on topics of interest for just-in-time learning and reference
  • Tool Kit Content
    • Battle cards / competitor info
    • Mini-SWOTs
    • Quick Reference Sales Guides
    • Industry Briefs, Q&A docs, videos
  • Sales Enablement Tools
    • Peer Assessments
    • Business Value Assessments
    • ROI Calculators
    • Value Story Tools
  • Win / Loss Analysis
    • Objective Insights into Key Wins / Losses
    • Learn through Voice of the Customer
    • Improve competitive positioning